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Hay (since 1946 known as Hay-on-Wye) is a true marcher town. being right on the border between England and Wales. This border is marked by the Dulas brook, which flows into the river Wye to the east of the town. The main part of the town is in the Welsh County of Powys. The town's name in Welsh is Y Gelli (The Grove).

Throughout its thousand-year history Hay has undergone many transformations. These photographs and prints covering at least one hundred and fifty years, gives an idea of life in this small market town in a past age.

Hay now attracts a wide variety of visitors drawn by its reputation as a beautiful town, a world-renowned centre for the book trade, and by the tranquility of its setting at the foot of the Black Mountains and in the picturesque Wye Valley.

Welcome to Old Hay

The town of Hay today from the south

The photographs and pictures are intended to record the characters, buildings and events of a former way of life and provide a fascinating glimpse of Hay in years gone by.

All the old photographs and prints in this site are from my later collection which has emerged since the publication of "Old Hay in pictures and prints” published in 2003. These are all the later additions to the collection and will be added to as more become available.

If you know any names of people appearing on these old photographs or dates, or any other details I will be most grateful. Please send me your comments etc. from my "contact" page.

I must thank all those who have loaned or given me the original prints in order that they can be scanned, corrected and often repaired so that you and I can enjoy these glimpses into the past.

There are loads of old photographs and prints within these pages. They are not in any chronological order. There are also some old converted 8mm films from the 1960's and 70's. The quality of these movies is not brilliant due to the conversion processes but may bring back a few memories.

Just enjoy.


We have just produced a new book entitled “The town of Hay - Then and Now” which contains photographs from old times compared to photographs of streets and buildings taken now, showing how places have changed over the years. The book is available in Hay priced at £6.95 in A5 paperback.