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Hay ArmyCadets win a shooting cup in 1955 Hay Army Cadets at  Penally camp near Tenby 1948 carnival1949 Carnival Queen float waits at Cats Park/Wyeford Road for the carnival of 1949 Carnival 1949 Oxford Rd Hay Ladies football team at Hay carnival1952 Hay carnival meets at the railway station forecourt in 1948 Young ladies at Hay Carnival 1950 Carnival starts in Broad Street 1977 Church parade by the new town council and town organisations in 1908 The Golden Valley meet at the town clock in 1905 The builders pose outside the new Conservative Club in Lion Street 1933 Castle Street decorated for the Coronation of Geo V in 1911 Monica Gell is chosen as Carnival Queen in the Crown Hotel Ballroom 1952 Dead poultry Market in Broad Street 23.12.1940 Underhill's garage in Broad Streetjust before closing in 2004 Circus elephants parade up Broad Street in 1929 after arriving by train Elephants in Broad having a drink from the horse trough. The district members of The Foresters meet at the town clock in 1911 The freeing of the tolls over Hay Bridge in 1933 The opening of the new Hay Bridge January1958 J.V.Like's stand at Hay Show 1950's Hay W.I. carnival float 1960 The unveiling of Hay War memorial in 1922 Jubilee Parade down Church Street in May 1935 for George V The former Presbyterian chapel in Belmont Road becomes St.Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in 1961 At the opening of Hay's new primary school in 1972 Chancery Lane decorated for the Coronation of Geo.VI 12.5.1937 Hay & Cusop Boy scouts on parade 1959 A meeting of local Temperance Societies c1901 Hay town band give a concert at Hay Castle in 1930 Chancery Lane VE party in 1945 Floods disrupt the annual Hay show in Brecon Road 1923 jquery lightbox flash playerby VisualLightBox.com v5.7

Local events which took place in town and beyond through the years

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