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Ammonds the ironmongers in High Town in 1911 Nobby Williams. The ironmongers in Castle Square. The building was demolished in c1952 James the butcher in Castle Street. Now Mostly maps Mailes the butcher in Castle St. where Derek Addyman is at present Cadmans. Seed and corn merchants in Broad Street by the Town Clock c1910 The Crown Hotel in Broad Street. 1955 Giles. Ironmongers in High Town. A print from 1888 The Half Moon in Lion Street c1930 Hay Gas & Coke showroom on Ship Pitch 1936 Jays the florist in St. John's Place c1930 The "Limited" warehouse and showrooms in Lion Street 1963 Hartwells in Castle St. where Hay Booksellers are at present Natwest Bank Hay in Oxford Road c1905 The Nelson Inn at the bottom of Newport Street c1901 Hay Post Office staff 1950. Baden Williams, Postmaster S.M. Jones Tailor by the Town Clock c1920 The front of The Ship Inn, Newport Street. Demolished 1978. Mr. Terret's shop by the Town Clock where Golesworthy's lower shop is now. Tom Griffiths and Joe Lewis Cobblers in Lion St. c1919 Tom Pugh's fruit and fishmonger shop in Lion Street c1925(his brother Bill on the right) The staff at H.V.Webb c1925 (where Phil. Gittings is now) Wrights in Castle St. c1928 jquery lightbox flash playerby VisualLightBox.com v5.7

The old shops and businesses

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