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Archery in the orchard of Hay Castle c1880. This area is now the town main car park. Hay Cycle club  at the end of the 19th century. Not sure where the photo was taken. The just named Hay St. Mary's football club at The Parish Hall 1921 Hay Football team 1938 when Hay St. Mary's won a mutitude of silverware. They had just beaten Hereford United. Hay Football team in 1896 Hay Football Team 1910 - 11. (The only one known is Tom Pugh, 4th from left) Hay Football team 1923-24. just a few faces known: Bernard Jones, 4th from left on back row, 'Blower' Turner, first on left, front row, Eric Evans, second from left, front row. Hay Hockey team in 1898 Hay Hockey Team in 1912. The little boy is 'Bumper' Howells, later to become Hay Town Crier. Hay Hockey team in 1900 British Legion Darts team 1963. Back row l to r 'Ginger Price, Ken Jones, Edgar Evans, Peter Hall, Mike bryne. Front row: l to r Ishy Jones, Ivor Jones, David Bedford and Danny Gibbons Hay Cricket Team 1959 season. Back Row l to r. George Billen, Clive Davies, unknown, Sid Wilding, Ken Smith, Tony Billen Front Row l to r. Cliff Carr, Geoff Turner, Ishy Jones, Ryan Pugh, Bobby Brown. 
    Hay Cricket Team 1973 season Back Row l to r. Tony Billen, Andrew Eckley, Ivor Morgan, Roy Jones, Bill Brown, Steve Jones, David Williams. Front Row l to r Ishy Jones, Malcom Hammonds, Eric Gittoes, David Brown, Gareth Evans. tennis at the Liberal Club in Heol-y-Dwr 1935 Mr. Madigan and his son Terry with all their Golf trophies c1939 jquery lightbox flash playerby VisualLightBox.com v5.7

Sports and Pastimes