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Billy Allen, boot and shoe repairer in Castle Street. The top of Belmont Road before Carlesgate was built. Boys running down Broad Street in 1912 Broad Street 1955 A cattle sale in Broad Street on Market Day 1911 Broad Street. Late 19th century. Note the large sycamore tree. Broad Street 1926 Broad Street in the 1890s 
    Broad Street 1916. Postcard by  by Ferris of Hay Broad Street c1925 Broad Street 1952 Castle Street 1930 Castle Street 1955 Castle Street.1919 The Golden Valley Hunt crossing Hay Bridge in c1903. High Town late 19th century High Town in the early 1930's A lady from Hay walking in Broad Street late 19th century The china Market at the end of Market Street 1903 Chancery Lane 1955 The cottages known as The Salt Box in Oxford Road at the top of Cae Mawr lane 1910. Ladies on The Pavement c1946 jquery lightbox flash playerby VisualLightBox.com v5.7

The Streets in town in days gone bye

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