Frances Emily Bevan a great friend of Rev Kilvert Eric L. Pugh & Co   Established in Hay since 1963 for the supply, repair and maintenance of  electronic and computer equipment.                   3
From a 19th century lantern slide Just after the fire in 1977 The castle lawn in 1885. Taken from a lantern slide The Library before the fire of 1939
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Eric L. Pugh & Co.
The sitting room before the fire of 1939 Oxford Road and Castle Gateway in 1890 The dining room during Archbishop Bevan's tenancy a hand coloured postcard from 1911 One of Latham Bevan's daughters in the garden. Rev.Latham Bevan (later Arcdeacon) stood at the gate of Hay Castle c1879 A meet of the local hunt in 1912 Just after the fire of 1939 postcard of 1955 Postcard of 1930
THE CASTLE AT HAY Hay Castle dates from the late 12th century, with the curtain wall added around 1200. The castle and town were burnt down in 1216 but rebuilt and a town wall was added in the mid 13th century for extra security. After the Civil War most of the curtain wall was removed and a new house built in the grounds. The western part is still in use as a book shop, even though the castle has suffered two fires in the last 80 years. Hay Castle Trust purchased it in 2011 from bibliophile Richard Booth, the Castle is now undergoing major restoration to preserve it for future generations and open it to the public. Plans include conservation of the ancient gate, keep and manor, dramatic new atrium, exhibition gallery, reading room, education space, shop and café, facilities for culinary and heritage skills training, and inspiring spaces for private and community events.