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The family and staff at Clyro Court c1885. Photo by Moxon of Hay The building of Gwernyfed House c1875. This is now Gwernyfed High Schoo Gwernyfed House completed The Toll Gate and cottage just out of Glasbury on the Llowes road c1880 Maesllwch Castle at Glasbury before a lot of the castle was demolished in the 1950s Haymaking in the fields above Glasbury c1880 An accident on the old bridge across the Wye at Glasbury c1925 The Harp Inn at Glasbury before 1900 A fire at Glasbury Garage in 1936 A new bridge at Glasbury with Maesllwch Castle in the background The dedication of the War Memorial at Clyro in 1922 Clyro Court in 1930 The Three Cocks Hotel at Three Cocks c1920 Early photograph of WestbrookCourt at Clifford c1870 The Moor house in 1880. This was demolished in 1950 The rail track to the brickworks on Cusop Hill c191 The new Church Hall at Cusop c1901 Clyro village c1960 Clyro village c1960 jquery lightbox flash playerby VisualLightBox.com v5.7
Some old photographs of the surrounding villages and hamlets

Some views of the surrounding villages and hamlets. These include Clyro, Cusop, Glasbury, Gwernyfed etc.